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FF7 Battle Theme (8-bit) FF7 Battle Theme (8-bit)

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I will NOT call you out here... but I think that you know as well as I think that I know... what's going on here.

FireReign responds:

I used a MIDI as a base, yes, but that's to ensure accuracy. I made many changes such as vibratos, arpeggios, and chord changes. And 'cheesy' VSTs? I use Ploque ChipSounds, which emulates [among others, but I only use] the 2A03 chip that the NES uses. If this were only four channels (I would if I could but for a song like this it's damn impossible) it would be playable on an NES. I don't see how you can call the real thing 'cheesy.'

Hyper mario beat style Hyper mario beat style

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Garbage... and I'll be fair here.

As a chiptune composer I will naturally dislike something that is all sample based in the 8bit realm. Sorry, I LOVE 8bit stuff... and write quite a bit of it... things of this nature and their popularity puzzle me.

Kinetic Flow (Teaser Mix) Kinetic Flow (Teaser Mix)

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This shit sounds GREAT on a system... plus, your percussion is pretty tight!

beatmasterJAG responds:


Trigonometry (DEMO) Trigonometry (DEMO)

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The high ends were a bit hard for me to handle. Ya might wanna look into a less generic hi-hat sound as well. Other than that... it sounds like dance music! :)

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DJ-Babokon responds:

Thanks. We'll try to tone it done a bit. Sorry but I'm keeping the hi hats. I like them.
Ill send you the full version when its done.